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Owasco RV Rental

- Over 30 years of reliability service with the highest standard of quality
- Our regular fleet contains 2015-2017 year models with maximum 60,000km. (10% of our fleet are 2015 models, 30% of our fleet are 2016 models, 60% of our fleet are 2017 models)
- Our fleet consists of C-Class motorhomes manufactured by Coachmen, Winnebago, Jayco & Roadtrek Van Conversions
- Our units cost 20% more over our competitors, we pay for the “premium” models from our suppliers. Which goes hand in hand with our premium service.
- Fuel efficient deluxe RV’s: RS22, View & The New C23 FUSE
- Drawers are on ball bearing tracks for smooth operation and secure locking
- Extra large storage compartments
- Rear air suspension for a more comfortable smoother ride
- Residential quality mattresses for long lasting and comfortable sleep
- Superior linen and duvets to remind you of your bed at home while you are in the woods
- We think of the small details, our equipment kits come standard with: Coffee Filters, Toilet Toss In’s (not liquid), Dish soaps, shampoo/conditioner and Salt & Pepper Shakers.
- Large thermal plane windows for better noise control, insulation and sightseeing make the RV bright & inviting
- Skylights for lots of natural light
- Break resistant dishes
- Many units have slide-outs & back-up cameras in the dashboard
- Snap latches on cabinet doors for secure locking
- Rear air suspension for a better ride
- Generators available
- Awnings available

- Extra long extension cords to easily reach the power hook ups (24’ or longer)
- Our attention to detail for the vacation of your lifetime!

- CDR Insurance included in daily rate; CDR insurance reduces the customer’s insurance risk from $7500 to $1500
- Family owned business, serving you and your clients since 1972
- Modern and welcoming station for comfortable arrivals and pick up
- FREE 24h Ford, GM and Mercedes Benz Roadside assistance
- FREE WIFI available at our station for all customers
- FREE transfer to/from Whitby Go Train Station (city train).
- FREE road maps, tour information, camping guides and information on special attractions and special events
- FREE luggage storage
- Our trained rental staff will recommend and reserve campgrounds on the customers behalf if requested.
- Conveniently located near all major highways to all popular destinations
- Conveniently located minutes from local grocery stores
- Instructions for use of vehicles are given by our friendly, multilingual and competent staff who will also assist clients by phone in case of emergency
- Reliable support and multilingual reference manuals
- $5 million public liability coverage per unit
- Always open for long term or full term discounts, ask us about our full season rates!
- We always go above & behind to help our clients

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Owasco RV Rental insurance

OWASCO maintains liability coverage on all its rental vehicles to a maximum of $5,000,000 for any bodily injury and property damage liability claims arising from the operation or use of its rental vehicles.  Premiums for this basic public liability coverage are included in all rental rates, which also include premiums for collision insurance and comprehensive insurance (CDR) with a deductible of $1,500 per occurrence. All coverage and waivers are subject to the express terms of the rental contract and of the applicable motor vehicle insurance contract.

In the event of an accident, insurance coverage is voided by not reporting damage to Owasco RV and the police within 24 hours of the incident taking place.

Customer's Responsibility

In the event of loss or damage to vehicle while on rental, whether or not due to the fault of the rental customer, the customer’s responsibility for direct and accidental loss or damage to the vehicle is limited to a maximum of $1,500 per occurrence. There is no limit however, if the vehicle incurs loss or damage not covered by the insurance as outlined in the insurance table.

At time of rental we charge the renter’s credit with a Cleaning Deposit of $150/$250 Class A and take a signed imprint as an Insurance Deposit. Security Deposits are refundable upon vehicle’s check-in if it has been returned: On-time, un-damaged, clean, equipment complete, holding tanks empty and gas tank 100% full. Deposits given by charge credit cards, will be refunded the same. 

Deposits for Deluxe Van and Motorhome
Cleaning Deposit   $150
Insurance Deposit Signed imprint
Total Deposit $150

 Deposits for Class A
Cleaning Deposit $250
Insurance Deposit Signed imprint
Total Deposit $250

The exchange rate different between the amount charged at pickup and that at drop off is the responsibility of the customer.

Parking in Montreal & Ottawa is not allowed, if vehicle is stolen customer will be responsible for loss. Motorhomes are not permitted on Dempster Hwy, Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Mexico or Death Valley, California, and Black Rork Desert (Burning Man). Travel in Alaska and Yukon, on Cassiar Hwy or Alaska Hwy is permitted with a Northern Surcharge (conditions apply). Motorhomes are not permitted on roads designated on the official provincial or state maps as “other roads - gravel or dirt.”

The Client acknowledges the possibility of a mechanical failure or breakdown, and acknowledges that such occurrence is an inherent contingency associated with the operation of the vehicle, and that such contingency is beyond the control of Owasco. The client agrees to hold Owasco harmless from and against any loss of time, transportation costs, inconvenience, and loss of food in the vehicle, and any and all expenses resulting from such failure or breakdown.

Owasco will make all reasonable efforts to assist the client to obtain help or arrange for repairs, subject to the location of the vehicle and business hours of the repair facilities. Owasco has the right to refuse service to any customer. We also reserve the right to NOT REPLACE a damaged unit in the even that the damage is due to a self-inflicted accident. Please note that we do not refund cell phone costs incurred for on-the-road calls.

Our customers are advised at the time of pick up of numbers that they can call should roadside assistance be required.

Toronto Office: Monday-Friday (08:00-18:00) and Saturday (08:00-16:00)


Fire & Theft (Personal Contents Not Covered) $1500
Windshield & Glass Damage $1500
Motor Vehicle Accident / Vandalism / Hit & Run/Hail/Storm $1500
Vehicle Accident in Parking Lot, Campground, Service Station $1500
Collision with any Stationary Object, Damage to
Undercarriage or Air Conditioning or Slide Out
CLEANING DEPOSIT REQUIRED $150 or $250 process credit card charge
INSURANCE & SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED $500 Pre-Authorization & Signed Credit Card imprint only!

The following are not covered if damages are not covered by insurance and the cost of all resulting repairs and replacement vehicles are therefore the responsibility of the renter:
- Failure to maintain all fluid levels;
- Failure to use specified fuel or use of contaminated fuel; or fuel in water system;
- Operation by anyone under 21 years of age, not licensed or not listed on the rental agreement;
- Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
- Deliberate or wilful damage by renter or guests;
- Damage to the interior of the Motorhome;
- Travel in restricted areas;
- Towing of any kind;
- Freezing of the vehicle's systems;
- More passengers than the available seat belts;
- Damage occurring in an accident that the renter has failed to report to Owasco, Insurance Company or police within 24 hours,
- Self-Caused Accidents: Owasco reserves the right to deny replacing the vehicle depending on cause of accident.
- Motor home theft in Montreal and Ottawa (except in specified campgrounds)
- Damages to awnings, if unit is equipped with an awning and damages occur, even if not in use, damages are not covered by insurance and customer will be responsible.
- Flat Tires
- Failure to use tow-haul when driving on steep hills
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