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Fraserway RV Rentals

The History of Fraserway
Fraserway RV became a pioneer in the RV industry when the Epp family purchased the company in 1969. In the years that followed, they grew a small, family-run business into the most vertically integrated RV Company in North America.

Every Adventurer unit is manufactured by one of our sister companies Adventurer LP in Yakima, Washington. In fact, ALP not only builds RVs for our rental fleet, but also distributes its products extensively throughout North America.

In 1992, the integration continued with the opening of Fraserway RV Rentals. Within 24 years our corporately owned fleet has grown to more than 1200 vehicles with stations in Vancouver, Whitehorse, Calgary, Toronto & Halifax.

We are proud to offer the newest and cleanest rental fleet you will find anywhere. Our team has unparalleled expertise in the RV Industry and is particularly familiar with the requirements of overseas clients. In fact, our frontline team has a wealth of experience when it comes to RV rentals. Our experience truly is your advantage.

“The Place for Everything RV” – Company Profile
Fraserway RV Rentals is part of Fraserway RV Limited Partnership - the largest independent RV Team for parts, service and sales. Fraserway RV LP belongs to the Adventurer Group, which consists of 13 dealerships across Canada and one factory, Adventurer LP, the manufacturer of Adventurer Motorhomes and Campers. Our customers greatly benefit from this large network of Fraserway dealerships, as it provides wide coverage for on-road support. The combination of these divisions provides maximum control over vehicle inventory and ensures that our business partners have confidence in a Fraserway booking.

Lineke Kereluk is our Vice President Rentals. She has been involved in the rental industry since 1978 and is founding manager of Fraserway RV Rentals. Lineke’s industry experience is virtually unmatched, she is fluent in several languages and her approachable style works well with both small and large tour operators around the globe.

Canada and Fraserway... Coast to Coast!
World-class service and professionalism from coast to coast are the hallmarks of the Fraserway RV Rentals experience. Our team delivers the quality and reliability you need to ensure that your adventure is a winner right from the start!

We are industry leaders in selling, servicing, and renting recreational vehicles and associated products throughout Canada and, as a team, do everything possible to ensure our customer’s vacation dreams are realized.

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

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